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ASSETT – An online gallery for studying artwork

True works of art can be so powerful that the only way they can truly be experienced is by stepping in front of them, viewing them with bare eyes. Read the rest of the story here… Advertisements

ASSETT – How to cite an E-book

As their popularity in academe increases, e-books will fall under the same regulations as any other form of digital or paper resource. This includes citations, which without a standard method for e-books, is causing a bit of havoc for scholars. Read the rest of the story here…

ASSETT – Tablet series introduction

Since the herald arrival of tablets in early 2010, analysts, computer junkies, educators and the common consumer were all abuzz about this technological advancement. Safe to say, 2011 will be the year of the tablets. Read the rest of the story here…

ASSETT – School requiring e-textbooks for curriculum

One of the schools at Trine University, a small private university in Indiana, will begin requiring all of its students in the School of Professional Studies to use e-textbooks in all courses come January 2011. Read the rest of the story here…

ASSETT – MIT OpenCourseWare for independent learners

On January 12, MIT OpenCourseWare launched five courses in beta phases as part of a new approach towards open education. Read the rest of the story here…

ASSETT – Going to class, 21st century style

Some students are notorious for determining their class attendance based on whether or not notes, presentations and lecture outlines are available online. Read the rest of the story here…

ASSETT – Using Facebook to attract and keep students in school

Facebook is typically used to keep in touch with friends. But what if the social networking giant actually held the potential to keep students interested in school? Read the rest of the story here…

ASSETT – Tablet series: A battle for e-reader supremacy

One of the many practical and useful functions for tablets, such as the iPad, is to utilize them as portable e-readers. Amazon had an edge over Apple, at least in creating an e-book reader in this market. So had Sony, who’s released the Digital Reader to compete with Amazon’s cherished invention, Kindle. Read the rest … Continue reading

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