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Moment to moment: My final day at the Daily Camera

Note: For the full effect, play the video below then read. I came in late on the final day of my internship. I had a good excuse. I needed to print a final story for a class. And plus, I wasn’t late. That often anyway. At the beginning of the internship, everything seemed right. Even … Continue reading

Where’s my story, morning glory?

It’s the beginning of my Friday shift at the Daily Camera. I stumble into the newsroom and await another story idea to make its way from the desk of the city editor to my email inbox. It’s early, too early for me to ignore my stomach’s plea for food and my eye’s plea for less … Continue reading

Why did you choose a profession that can potentially get you killed?

Why do you want to become a journalist? It’s a question that can haunt, annoy or even frustrate journalism students, but it is also one that ultimately makes most dedicated journalism students ponder. It’s an important question, one that requires us to be honest and thoughtful. After all, it is a question we answer with … Continue reading

The subtle art of the interview

Voices are never quite as powerful when they are heard in absence of a body and its expressions. Ask a journalist: Through a phone, they become tiny remnants of a human in a distant land. There is some emotion, sure, but not the same caliber of emotion stirred when a voice is accompanied by a … Continue reading

The dreaded wait

The scene reminds me of a breezy day turned night at the Aurora Reservoir while my father and I fished, waiting for something to bite. I ended up catching the only fish: an 11-inch rainbow trout. So three weeks later, in the second floor of the Daily Camera building, I waited like a fisherman waits … Continue reading

Every story counts

Next to my computer screen sits a little walkie-talkie. It’s connected to the Boulder Police Department scanner, and with its constant buzzing mixed between inaudible remarks and fuzzy static, it’s obnoxious. Like, really obnoxious. But on my first day, it hardly mattered. And on my second day, didn’t matter either. You get the idea. This … Continue reading

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