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Denver Urban Spectrum-Dianne Reeves: Meaning of Success

“There’s no point in being brave”

The argument was too loud. It was right next to Eddie Jacobo, awakening him as he rose from the passenger seat of a Ford F250. His eyes turned to his father, Ruben, sitting behind the steering wheel and a well-dressed stranger outside yelling at him. Eddie remembers the man’s distinct and dapper wardrobe: a vest, … Continue reading

Lara Logan interviewed by student journalist

Here’s a short clip of student journalist and reporter for the CU Independent Don Tartaglione, who interviewed CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan Tuesday night at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Logan spoke to an audience about her experiences as a foreign correspondent and as a female journalist. She was a guest of … Continue reading

At El Centro Humanitario, finding work is only the beginning

By ESTEBAN L. HERNANDEZ DENVER-Wearing a ripped v-neck shirt and faded cut-off shorts, Lupe Medina is standing near the entrance of El Centro Humanitario, his arms resting on the front desk. He appears impatient as he speaks to the El Centro’s employment director, Sandra Medina. “Give me someone who wants to work. I need to … Continue reading

Longmont Magazine – Embracing Culutre: Baile folklórico

CU Independent – Running with a buffalo

Somewhere two hours away from Boulder, a mythical ranch, whose location is known only to a few, houses one of the most revered creatures in the state. Read the rest of the story here…

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