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This one is for you, Dad

As I child, I hated fishing. There was something about waiting minutes that felt like hours for a few seconds of catching what would always end up being a tiny fish. That just wasn’t flattering for me. Even at such a young age, about 7-years-old, I was impatient. I was an impatient little brat. I … Continue reading

Week 1 – Start spreadin’ the news

It was about 3 a.m. I walked a patient, almost contemplative stroll down the empty corridors of the subway station near Time Square. The night had not gone as plan. But it was still an experience. Now, as I walked and waited for the No. 7 train back to Queens, I felt a little down. … Continue reading

manhattan, you are grand

Manhattan, you are grand. You streets are at places filthy, muddled with trash and spills of contents unknown. But no matter how much dirt or trash, there is a layer of glamour no amount of filth can cover. That is your aura Manhattan. Odors permeate the air, launching an assault on the nose. A pungent … Continue reading

after the first night: Queens is a Gumbo

Volumes of pages are dedicated to describing Queens, and indeed all of New York City, to the point where writing another description seems almost destined to be relegated to cliché. But hell, everyone has a different voice, and mine is just as important. So I’ll describe a bit of the city and focus on my … Continue reading

this is home for the summer

“A cute, 1930-1940 style Tudor.” As one kind friend said.

queens. day 1.

I’m in Queens. And so far the stay has been a little on the humid side, but no worries, for now, my first actual day in New York will involve a beer festival. No word on whether or not I will actually drink though. But I am here. I am safe. Feeling blessed. Feeling excited. … Continue reading


I’m staring the packing process for NYC. Soon. I’m in my room in Aurora absorbing the sensual sonics of “Let’s Get It On,” and “Let’s Stay Together.” Not sure why, but I’m listening to it. Not sure if it will make good packing music though. This packing business, it’s tricky. It’s going to take several … Continue reading

Panfilo: the flying chihuahua – photo of the day, wednesday, may 25, 2011

This little dude doesn’t need wings. He’s got mad horizontal jumping skills.

Would you like to help me get to NYC?

Hey guys. I still need some money before I leave on May 30, for my internship with CBS News. If you would like to make a donation, please visit My CBS News Internship Donation Page . Anything helps guys, and any amount would be truly appreciated. Thank you friends. As always, Stay strong. Stay fresh. … Continue reading

you’ll always be my little brother: a photo essay

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