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My hometown and the theater shooting verdict in Colorado

I tried to get tickets for the midnight show. That’s what my younger brother, Juan De, and I did back then. We would watch midnight shows for comic book movies. We saw “The Amazing Spider-Man” “X Men Origins: Wolverine,” and “The Incredible Hulk.” So on July 19, 2012, hours before the midnight showing of “The … Continue reading

Welcome to Torrington

Nothing felt special or particularly different when I landed in Connecticut, at Bradley Airport, after a short layover in Charlotte that required some sprinting. When I landed, all I saw was flatness outside my window. After tweeting out an ‘EastCoast’ hashtag, the second thing I tweeted when I landed—half sarcastically, half sadly—was: “Where…there’s no mountains … Continue reading

Denver Urban Spectrum-Dianne Reeves: Meaning of Success

“There’s no point in being brave”

The argument was too loud. It was right next to Eddie Jacobo, awakening him as he rose from the passenger seat of a Ford F250. His eyes turned to his father, Ruben, sitting behind the steering wheel and a well-dressed stranger outside yelling at him. Eddie remembers the man’s distinct and dapper wardrobe: a vest, … Continue reading

Lara Logan interviewed by student journalist

Here’s a short clip of student journalist and reporter for the CU Independent Don Tartaglione, who interviewed CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan Tuesday night at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Logan spoke to an audience about her experiences as a foreign correspondent and as a female journalist. She was a guest of … Continue reading

“Take Back Our Campus” protest at CU

VIDEO There was only about 80 students, but as they marched up the steps outside the University Memorial Center and embarked on a trek toward the Administrative Building they appeared like an enormous mob. The students were part of a demonstration called “Take Back Our Campus” at CU-Boulder, which started at 11:30 a.m. inside the … Continue reading

Moment to moment: My final day at the Daily Camera

Note: For the full effect, play the video below then read. I came in late on the final day of my internship. I had a good excuse. I needed to print a final story for a class. And plus, I wasn’t late. That often anyway. At the beginning of the internship, everything seemed right. Even … Continue reading

Daily Camera news clips

Here are a list of my published articles for the Daily Camera as of Nov. 15, 2011. Boulder scientists build tool for NASA’s Mars rover ‘Curiosity’ Boulder outreach for Homeless Overflow raises money for truck Boulder’s Paradox Sports helps physically disabled excel Boulder woman to lead transatlantic rowing trip CU-Boulder’s ROTC to honor MIA, POWs … Continue reading

Dia de los Muertos at CU-Boulder

Members of CU’s UMAS y MEXA Bellas and Sigma Lambda Beta put together a face-painting station at the University Memorial Center on campus to celebrate El Dia de los Muertos on Wednesday in Boulder. El Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday honoring those who have passed away. Honoring the dead usually involves the … Continue reading

Where’s my story, morning glory?

It’s the beginning of my Friday shift at the Daily Camera. I stumble into the newsroom and await another story idea to make its way from the desk of the city editor to my email inbox. It’s early, too early for me to ignore my stomach’s plea for food and my eye’s plea for less … Continue reading

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