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Ground Zero: 9 years, 11 months later

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these photos were taken on Tuesday, August 2, 2011.

the first thing you notice is that it isn’t empty. even without the glorious towers, the area we now know as Ground Zero is full of life. there are countless people on site. ambition, hope, excitement fill the air.

the new tower will rise 1,776 feet from the earth and into the heavens. but even in light of the aspirations that manifest themselves in the form of the Freedom Tower (or officially, The One World Trade Center), there are still remnants of the destruction that nearly 10 years ago forever changed the facade of lower Manhattan.

next to the two giant squares, now remodeled into beautiful waterfalls that despite their emptiness appear full in their black luster, are the areas where planes did not strike but were still destroyed. there is a jagged set of metal rods, maimed and broken, tarnished with the dark-orange hue of rust.

there will also be a museum to honor those who died next to the Freedom Tower. When complete, this tower will be the tallest in the United States. it will be more than 400 feet taller than the old Twin Towers of the World Trade Center (1,368 & 1,362 feet) and the current title holder, the Empire State Building (1,250 feet).

tourists flock the area. perhaps out of respect, perhaps out of curiosity, perhaps both.

I was fortunate enough to view the area from atop the World Financial Center next to Ground Zero, tagging along with a set of producers and photogs from CBS News who were surveying the area.

look for a piece on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks from me.

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